The education section of this blog will satisfy everything you want to know about the technology and science behind green tech. Why do I say this? Because I want to organize all of these diverse fields like wind, solar, and energy storage under one roof. It’s useful for me, and I thought might as well make it useful to others from the student to the professional. Also, it will be written in a style to make it easy to understand. I love summarizing complex ideas into simple everyday analogies. Besides, my hand would cramp writing it all in notebooks that always somehow end up in the basement and flooded..

I may have lost my school notes, but you don’t have to with this section! I will add multi-media content to get the idea across. Some topics you may come across:

How a Solar Cell Works
Energy Storage: An Overview
Rotor Reads: How Wind and Tidal Turn the Tides
Go with the Flow, How Flow Batteries Last 20 Years
Fusion Energy: An Atomic Punch
The Ideal Building Envelope for Efficiency
Fuel from Artificial Photosynthesis

Also, I will try to make the navigation to various topics very easy because I, like you, hate digging through mounds of “somewhat relevant but not what I want” type of information. I hope this section not only satisfies your intellectual curiosities, but also show how this technology can be leveraged together to create a sustainable power grid.